PRICE: $99.99

*System must pass inspection prior to execution of contract.*


Our technician will inspect the following quarterly:

Electrical circuits and control panel

Aerator/compressor operation and performance

Clean aerator/compressor filter

Access risers for proper sealing and security measures

Condition of aerobic treatment unit

Clarifier and measure scum & sludge levels

Pump tank and chlorination unit for proper operation

Sludge level in pump tank

Test chlorine residual level in pump tank (if applicable)

Disposal unit for proper operation (drip systems will be back washed & filters will be cleaned at each visit)

Inspection reports will be submitted to the designated authority within 14 days of inspection.

System must pass initial inspection, if system fails on initial inspection repairs must be made prior to contract beginning.  If extensive repairs are needed to execute contract, customer must pay in full or with approved credit application can make monthly payments on auto draft as well.

Financing is available on extensive repairs for qualified applicants. [TER Credit Application]

To sign up for the Residential Basic Maintenance Agreement, Call TER to schedule your free inspection.